Products » Lights » Economy SoftBox Lights » SBL-36 ECONOMY SOFTBOX LIGHT
Combines 36 inch soft box with SBL-1 Light
Part #: 402082  
Cable: 10 feet  
Construction: Aluminum  
Dimensions: 36-inch square  
Lamp Options: ECA, ECT, FL26, FL75, JT120V-150, JT120V-250  
Mounting: 5/8-inch Universal  
Pan Rotation: 360  
Power Source: AC  
Socket: Ceramic Edison Base  
Switch: In-line  
Tilt Adjustment: 160  
Voltage: 110-volt  
Wattage: 26-watt Fluorescent - 500 watt Photoflood/Halogen  
Weight: 3 lbs.
Details: Smith-Victor's new line of Economy SoftBox Lights are a great way to take advantage of soft box lighting quality at very reasonable prices. Any size Economy Soft Box Light™ can be used with photoflood, fluorescents, and our new screw-in tungsten halogen lamps. The silver metallic lining inside the soft box is designed for maximum brightness while the diffusion panel provides the smooth velvet light soft boxes are known for. The SBL-1 light fixture has a ceramic socket that will accept all Edison base lamps. The light stand adapter will fit 5/8" light stands. The stand mounting bracket features an insulated handle on the tilt mechanism and a ratchet locking system. The elastic collar on the back of the soft box allows for easy setup and prevents light leaks. You can also use the SBL-36 36" soft box on your Smith-Victor FLC200 and FLC300 constant color monolight by replacing the continuous light mounting bracket with Smith-Victor mounting bracket #670159.(Options for tungsten halogen lamps with an Edison screw-in base include the 150-watt JT120V-150 (part 408091) and the 250-watt JT120V-250 (part 408092).  

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