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AC Bare Bulb Slave
Part #: 690405  
Details: When you need maximum coverage in a single flash, the AC Bare Bulb Slave delivers. This AC flash features a U-shaped flash tube firing into a diffused dome for broad coverage. Because of the unit's small size, the output still has fairly high contrast, and is ideal to light backgrounds for environmental portraits. Specially designed to deliver even light to the widest area, the Bare Bulb Slave also makes an excellent general coverage light. When used for portraiture, it delivers a slightly softer light than the other ACs. It can also be used to your full advantage to replace standard household light bulbs in architectural interiors.

Like the other ACs it is triggered by your main flash unit through a built-in slave sensor. It has a guide number of 26 with ISO 100 and recycles in 5 seconds.

22 W/s of power
Guide Number 26 (ISO 100, ft)
180 of Flash Coverage
Open Flash Button
Green power on lamp, Red ready lamp
Includes: 1 Year Warranty

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