Cine-Flood LED 1500 with 32" Octabox
Part #: 401605  
AC Wattage: AC 90-240V/ 50-60Hz  
Color Temperature: 5500K  
Output: 1500 watts watt/sec
Power Range: 0-100%  
Power Source: AC  
Reflector: 60 degree (11.5 inch diameter)  
Wattage: 150 watts  
Weight: 70 oz lbs.
Details: The Cine-Flood LED 1500 is an amazing light consuming only 150 watts of energy but producing 1500 watts equivalent of incandescent (18,000 lm) 5500K light that is soft, flicker free and beautiful. It features single-chip Microcomputer Control Technology ensuring consistent luminance quality. Complete with an easy open, easy close 32 soft box (OctaBox) that easily attaches to the light. This wonderful light features a CRI >95 LED module, a 60 parabolic reflector, a backlit LCD panel, and a power control dial from zero to 100%.


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