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Whether you're a still photographer or a videographer, a professional or an enthusiastic amateur, Smith-Victor has the lighting accessories to make your work easier and give you the results you desire. This lighting guide illustrates some of the many light placements possible with Smith-Victor lights, stands and mounting accessories.

In addition to illuminating your subject for proper exposure, lights can shape, highlight, model and define your subjects to create eye-catching photos and videos.

Figure A illustrates the basic 2-light set-up, which is generally maintained even as more lights are added to enhance lighting effects.

figure a.

The main light gives you general illumination, and determines your exposure. Sometimes this light is mounted directly on the camera; often it is placed near the camera, generally slightly higher and angled down toward the subject. The fill light is placed at a 45 degree angle to the subject, softening and filling in some of the shadows created by the main light. Varying the placement and intensity of your fill light will vary the contrast in your image and give you a great degree of control over the mood and texture of your image.

Additional lights enhance the sophistication of the lighting scheme and give you greater control over the final appearance of your image or video.

In Figure B you will see a 3rd light used to light the background. This enhances the separation of the subject from the background, and creates greater definition. Adding a color gel to your background light is a simple way to get the effect of an entirely different background.

figure b.

Figure C illustrates other possible positions for a 3rd light, as well as set-ups for 4 or more lights.

figure c.

The professional photographer knows that there are no limits to the effects that can be created by the skillful and imaginative application of light. Let your imagination be your guide!

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